Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lissie live: a star is born

Got to see Lissie live last night. I had found one of her live videos on Youtube randomly, and was pumped to see her in concert. We started the evening at a Thai restaurant near the venue, and lo and behold, Lissie comes right in and sits down at the table next to us. We wished her a good show, and I think she was a bit surprised to be recognized out and about.

Anyways, the show was awesome. Lissie is amazing - just sounded great - much better than on CD, completely left everything on stage, talked unabashedly about just about anything, jammed out with the really strong musicians in her band, belted every song, took shots that the crowd handed her - just wow. I hope she puts out a live CD, and comes back to Boston soon. Here's a clip I took with my iPhone:

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